• The Inspiration for Bridge came while I was working as a software intern at a web development company recently, during that process I get sent on errands to either get fuel, food or deliver something. At a point, it was stressing me out and depriving my productivity, that when when I had the 'haha' moment to create a platform that can help people outsource physical and remote tasks.

What it does

  • Bridge is an online platform that basically helps you find people you can outsource physical tasks to; from simple tasks like cleaning and laundry, to task that can help small business grow like logo design and website design scaling to tasks that can help big companies scale their work force like virtual assistance and customer help services.

How I built it

  • It was built with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and a sprinkle of NodeJS

Challenges I ran into

  • Setting up Linode and was a huge challenge because of creditcard issues but we had to leave that to focus on building the product.

  • Another challenge was electricity and data, the team spent a lot of their personal resources to make this dream work and I owe it to everyone of them for their tireless effort.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • That we submitted; that's a major accomplishment for me personally and as a team, working together and communicating on every issue we ran into was a major accomplishment also the team spirit was on fire no strife at all.

What I learned

  • Learned some JS tricks, was able to also improve my UI skills and now I look forward to picking up NodeJS like my colleagues.

What's next for Bridge

  • After NaijaHacks, we will engage in some in-depth market research and present our version one app to real life users to test and see if our method of solution is really meeting their needs, thereby we can learn and improve on our mode of delivery.

  • And on a grand level, we will present bridge during the next Y conbinator startup school batch hoping to get funded and launch big eventually.

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