We believe innovation has the power to make the world a better place and is too important to be left to chance. Every individual deserves an opportunity to make the most of their ideas. This is why we have built a Teams app to assist in quickly and easily capturing ideas that arise in the course of online discussions.

What it does

The first version of our app allows ideas to be captured directly from messages in Teams so that they don't get lost or forgotten. Brightidea lets you capture, manage, and track ideas across your organization so that the best ideas can win. With an always-on digital suggestion box for collecting ideas, teams are empowered to submit ideas when and where it is convenient for them, at their desks or on the go. Brightidea gives you everything you need to collect, manage, and track the success of your innovation process

How we built it

We choose to develop our app utilizing node.js to allow for easier maintenance from our development team as most members are familiar experienced with JavaScript and React.

We referenced a lot of the example app templates found in github: javascript_nodejs_samples

The two main components needed to achieve our goal:

  • Communicating with the Brightidea Platform's API to submit the idea
  • Communicating with Microsoft Graph API to obtain details about the content we want to send to Brightidea

To accomplish these goals: Figure out how to authenticate with two different APIs at the same time Explore and experiment with the Microsoft Graph API Explore and understand the BotBuilder Samples Understand user experience and implementing a workflow from Installation to Login and finally Idea Submission

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to authenticate with both APIs was the biggest technical challenge. Essentially this is not currently support by the BotFramework and required some sub-optimal user experience to get working.

Admins should be able to submit ideas on behalf of team members, from original messages, because people deserve credit for their ideas. This was also a challenge to figure out and get working properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many of our customers are using Teams, so we are proud to deliver the first version of an integration that will allow them to capture more ideas at the source, with the mission of ensuring that the best ideas will be selected for funding and implementation.

What we learned

  • Implementing authentication with the bot framework
  • Utilizing the Graph API
  • Navigation of Microsoft documentation

What's next for Brightidea

  • Extend chat bot capabilities
  • Custom app tab for viewing ideas in an idea box, and for supporting more advanced submission forms
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