We observed that the majority of software engineering students use discord as a way to communicate with other students regarding their online courses. Thus, we created a discord bot that can be installed on a server or accessed through dm's that after a simple one-command setup process sends you updates from your BrightSpace account.

What it does

We made a discord bot that notifies students in their discord DM on their recent notifications that they've got on BrightSpace.

How we built it

We built it using and pyautogui as well as selenium webdriver

Challenges we ran into

Due to some students having two-factor authentication, it was troublesome for us to detect who had it and give them enough time to authenticate using their phone. Another problem we ran into is the fact that BrightSpace was difficult to navigate using chrome's inspect function. Many buttons had no IDs and shared classes which caused troubles for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make the bot communicate with a user through DM without exposing or keeping the user's information. We were also able to locate the notifications on the page and send them through DM by taking a screenshot.

What we learned

We expanded our knowledge by learning new modules; such as pyautogui, selenium, and

What's next for BrightAlert

We will try to advertise BrightAlert to students as we believe this bot could be of huge convenience to them.

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