During the crisis the levels of domestic abuse rises rapidly due to increased psychological pressure in the community. UN Women is calling it the "shadow pandemic". In most cases it's very unlikely the victim has the power or strength to call for help during, or after, an abuse. It is also very difficult, both mentally and practically, to document the incident afterwards. Victims are often filled with fear of being caught when trying to report or looking for help. We have listened to multiple victims of domestic violence when coming up with a solution.

What it does

We want to solve this issue with an app where you can:

  • document incidents in a very safe way *
  • get information about your rights and possibilities
  • chat with nearby Men/Women-shelters

* What do you mean by "a very safe way"

  • The app will be disguised as a weather-app. When you tap five times in a specific corner of the app window you will be prompt by a PIN-code input screen. The user will be able to swap between a set of "fake apps", to use instead of a weather app, if needed.
  • When you entered the correct PIN-code you will get to the main menu (Home) of the app.
  • We will never display any signs of previously documented incidents (or any other activity for that matter) to the user.
  • The only way to be able to withdraw your documented incidents is to have an authority or legal representatives withdraw it for you.

How I built it

We have built it using Flutter for cross-platform development and deployment combined with an java(quarkus) serverless backend running in the cloud. We will encrypt all the data both on transit and in the database.

What I learned

  • Most often the victim have to make phone calls to get help. At the same time, the perpetrator is most likely monitoring them. Most authorities has no way to get help over internet (ex: chat, email).

What's next for BrightAct

Going global. We are currently working with Swedish authorities and have so far received very positive feedback. Next is to find ways to get this app to work in a global environment.

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