One of our primary ideas was to create opportunities for the intrigued and innovative people to participate in this project hands-on. For example, one of the samples of the pre-run could be among students of different schools and these individuals could bring up new perspectives to broaden the range of this game.

At the same time, we wanted to make a project that came from a problem directly affecting us, individually. And so, we chose environment. It turns out it also is a global issue, and we decided to design something that would keep us interested during the hackathon, and that could help society.

We started by looking for the right language to use, and we discovered Unity and C#. We spent most of our hackathon looking for information and tutorials since we knew nothing about this language, which we loved.

One of the main challenges we faced was actually transferring our new knowledge into practice, which we struggled to do, but it was still very fun.

We also spent a lot of time designing characters and tried to use each other's skills at their maximum.

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