There are no personalized , summary based news resources available in the current scenario . We've built a Source based news network where the user has the control over the feed from any given source in any given language .

❝ It's the user who decides what he needs ❞ - cheetAh


  • Subscriptions for a news source
  • Bookmark an article
  • Summarize an source article or a url
  • Browse across ~ 255 preffered source listed here
  • Featured Article as per all user reaction ( Also an Add-Ons )
  • Night-Mode for better readiblity
  • Subscribe to your favorite source using chatbot and read it on your own comfort from the web-app

File Structure


  • App : Source code for chatbot
  • Scrappers : Scrapper for maintaining inital news distribution across web-app and chatbot using firebase . Deployment of this would result in frequent update the news



  • Install dependencies

        $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Edit

  • Add :fire:firebase project credentials here 1 2


We're are open to enhancements & bug-fixes :smile: Also do have a look here


  • This project was done under 24 hours with minimal pre-preparation
  • Extended capabilities of scraper to Indian Languages ( Hindi & Marathi supported as of now)



This repository / project was a part of @MumbaiHackathon 2018

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