Briefcase is a professional social media application that allows individuals to connect with one another. Briefcase was built using a website called which creates an interactive mockup of the application. Programs such as LinkedIn only offer so much as to profile accounts and messaging services (services such as meetings). Briefcase is an all-inclusive service that allows meetings, messaging and social media to be all in one application. Employers can join a partnership in order to participate in the service. Businesses such as Skype for Business uses a similar platform in order to sell to their users.Our business will follow a similar format, if a company purchases a partnership, they will be able to provide BriefCase to their employees. Initially, we would like to have investors be interested and participate in the application in order get the program moving and used. We hope that Briefcase will be an extensive part of an average employee’s day. Eventually, Briefcase, will be a part of every professional's job in order to connect with others throughout their business.

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