What it does

It caries stuff around while you control it from the phone and it can also pull you around on a chair.

How we built it

Drilled some holes in a briefcase, put some motors, a battery, a micro-controller and made an android app for it to send data from the phone through the cloud to the BriefCarriage.

Challenges we ran into

Accelerometer data is extremely noisy and therefore unreliable for this application. Calibrating the sensors is a long process of trial and error. Android-studio is stubborn when it comes to sending HTTP requests without third party libraries. We also didn't have all the necessary components to add all the planned functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The BriefCarriage.

What we learned

To send HTTP requests from android studio to an external API. To use the phone sensors in order to detect movement. To calibrate the sensor data for better accuracy.

What's next for BriefCarriage

Worldwide deployment.

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