• One of the 6 early members hinted at this project and we started right away. At the time of me writing this we have revamped the main website, " " using the Wix platform Ive redesigned the entire site and is ready to go live as Jayne Nucete from Bridgeway see fit.

  • Plus we have also pushed forward the Bridgeway Mobile app along with the new web experience.

What it does

  • Re-designed site
  • Mobile App

How I built it

New website: Wix Platform New App: Android Studio

Challenges I ran into

  • For the website my issue was giving it a new feel while using the same data.
  • Learning Java

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Another website now modernized.
  • Also proud of staying till the end.

What I learned

  • New wix menus

What's next for Bridgeway Group / Re-development project

  • Take over the world

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