Across the globe, people are fighting for change in their communities. Some of these campaigns have been ongoing for years or have just been revived. Regardless, there are many causes worth fighting for in our not so perfect world and there is a lot more we can do. Many people find that they are passionate about certain causes but are unable to figure out how to maximize their impact. Create a Change strives to bring people together to give them the voice to create a change in their community.

What it does

The web application creates a place for people to come together to resolve issues in their communities. They can use it to find resources, discuss ideas, and team up to create a larger impact. It harnesses on the idea that everyone has the capability to make a change and focuses on creating the opportunity to harness that power.

How I built it

I built the web application using the Flask framework, Python, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

A challenge I ran into was running Flask. Initially I had attempted to run it on which was causing issues so I ended up moving to my local device. I also ran into issues with adjusting to the syntax and style of Flask. However, I believe I was able to work over those challenges and learnt a lot in the process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of learning how to use flask. At first it seemed a bit confusing but I found it to be a really useful tool that integrated the flexible capabilities of python with web development. I am also proud of being able to get a significant amount of progress on the project in such a shirt amount of time.

What I learned

I learnt about the impact that people can make together versus individually. I also learnt how to use Flask to integrate Python capabilities with web development and create an efficient web application. I also learnt how to cut down on the code written using Python functions and Flask.

What's next for Create a Change

I hope to spread awareness about this project so that more people can get access to it and such that I can spread its impact. I also hope to bring more volunteers onto the team for Create a Change so that we can improve the UI/UX and AI/ML capabilities to provide customized recommendations to make it easier for people to start fighting for what they care about.

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