Inspiration ✨


Our inspiration for 'Bridge+' came from looking at the stats of percentages of women in the tech field and our own struggles in navigating through the tech industry, especially during the pandemic. We knew that the tech field was a male-dominated industry, but we were surprised to see that only 20% of the women in the tech field were computer science professionals. As computer science students, we understood the fear of not being 'good enough' can steer women away from a career and passion in technology. Thus, joining a supportive community of women is imperative, whether you're working or still in school. Our application, 'Bridge+' is our attempt to help women and the women+ community to stop putting off their careers in tech because of their fear of not being 'good enough' and follow their passions. We were motivated to create an app that would make meeting women in the tech field more accessible to everyone, regardless of geography or accessibility, so that women from all over the globe can come together to build strong, supportive relationships that redefines what it means to be a 'women in tech'.

What it does ⚙️

Bridge+ is a web application that allows female and non-binary users to see meet and chat with other women in the tech field. Similar to Tinder, users have the chance to swipe through various profiles to learn about interests, occupations, and universities and decide whether they want to chat. Bridge+ aims to build a community of women in tech, bridging the gap.

How Bridge+ fits in the Categories👀

Best Connectivity hack by Rogers

Bridge+ connects women in tech easily and quickly with the swipe and message feature. By creating an account, users will be able to get to know another female in the field and have the opportunity to chat about their experiences.

Best Female Empowerment & Gender-Equity Hack

Our goal is to connect women professionals in the tech field by easily viewing and meeting other female professionals! You want to feel included in the field and be able to grow your network with women who face the same obstacle. Bridge+ builds a community of women bridging the gap in the tech field. Empowering women to meet and learn from each other. MakingTheMinorityTheMajority

Best Hack for Social Good by Cockroach Labs

Our application gives the women+ community an opportunity to connect with others like themselves and grow professionally. This is a social good as it increases the involvement of the minority groups in the STEM fields and improves gender equality.

Best Overall

Our project encompasses the values of TechNova and promotes gender equity and equality by building a community of empowered women.

How we built it ⚒️

Bridge+ is a web application built using JavaScript, HTML, PHP, MySQL, and CSS. Our back end is based on PHP (a server-side language), hosted on a xampp server, and linked to a SQL database using MySQL through the myphpadmin. Myphpadmin is a database manager provided by xampp. The SQL database has tables to store personal, login, account information, and messaging log. We are using PHP to render server scripts for chatting and sending messages, logging and registering into the application, performing form validations, routing, and fetching data from the database for showcasing in the application. The website prototype and wireframing were done on Figma, which was then styled and developed into web pages using HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into 💡

Since this was our first time using a database, we had trouble with hosting to the server and MySQL. We also ran into a couple of difficulties with GitHub. This was also our first time using PHP, so we learnt on the go, did research, and programmed to perform our required functionalities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🥰

The way we divided up the tasks amongst all group members and how well we worked together as a team made us proud. We are also proud of how we were able to create a responsive functional web application in 36 hours that has database connectivity, dynamic data components, and server-side rendering scripts in PHP and JavaScript. We are proud that we are able to implement many functional features such as registration, login, signout, messaging in a short period of time.

What we learned 📚

In order to make Bridge+ a reality, we learned about databases with MySQL, web page design, web application development, usage of PHP to render server-side data from databases. There were a lot of obstacles, none of us had ever made a used database to fetch data in an application before. Most importantly we learn that increasing the percentage of women in tech isn't an easy task but it is a work in progress and we are hopeful that it will only increase in the coming years.

What's next for Bridge+🚩

We plan on adding more features to the webpage like events where women+ can play games together, enable SOS features to help women navigate dangerous situations quickly, and possibly create a platform for hosting events with speakers, keynotes, workshops, tutorials, and more.

Business Aspect

Who Are Our Competitors?

Our major competitors are LinkedIn and Facebook. Even though these companies carry a major share of the market and audience, yet it fails to build a supportive and fostering community where people can collaborate, build redefining relationships, and provide care. Bridge+ is better because it builds a community that is dedicated to women, and you are not too old or too young to use Bridge+. People from all age groups and walks can join the Bridge+ community to learn, support, and grow together.

Our Value Proposition

Women+ for women+. Encouraging women+ to support each other in a male-dominated field.

Distribute Product/ Service to Customer

Our responsive web application is suitable for all screen sizes. We will distribute this application as a web application, android app, and ios app as well. Currently, we can host the project through a web server and domain, and we growing users and features we can migrate the platform to ReactNative with Expo.

Profitable Cost Structure

This app is made for the benefit of our community. As of now, this will remain a non-profitable application because it is made to support women in their tech journeys without giving them any additional stressors to worry about. It is meant to be easily accessible to any and everyone. In the future, we plan to build upon our application with subscription fee based features such as Live hosting of networking events, a specific filtering of potential connections, and a community gaming feature to enhance socializing.

Additional Resources/Partner Identified

Some additional resources we would use would be advertising services to promote our application in order to attract a larger and more diverse audience. We would partner with university affiliated institutions that host hackathons and workshops to catch the eye of young professionals in the STEM fields.

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