What inspired us to build Bridge Network

The tremendous growth of the layer 1 world has signaled the undeniable fact that we will exist in a multi-chain universe. However, with innovation comes challenges. Moving cross-chain continues to be a long and daunting process, despite the many bridges that exist. There is an enormous gap in the market to combine speed, security, connectivity, and liquidity in order to design the ultimate bridge for enabling interoperability and empowering the multi-chain universe.

Our goal with Bridge Network is to integrate the all layer ones that currently exist on the blockchain, both EVM and non EVM chains to enable users to move tokens and NFTs cross-chain seamlessly.

How we built it

We envisioned the problem we wanted to solve and moved into extensive research after which we structured how everything would play out and then began the coding, branding, and collaborations.

What we learned

Building bridge has taught us that it is not enough to be a part of the crypto community. It is paramount to have a contributing mindset to the tech and the ecosystem. Most importantly, the unlimited nature of our minds. If you can think and dream it, you can build it.

The big picture

Bridge Network connects the multi-chain universe in one simple protocol, enabling seamless transactions between Solana and other blockchains. It is made up of 6 main tools that solve 6 main problems. The tools are strategically named after key individuals who shaped the way move assets in the traditional world. The goal of Bridge Network is to eventually integrate all chains, both EVM and non EVM.

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