Bridge Network

Building the Bridge Network has shaped the idea because blockchains' interoperability is not limited to token transfer. Still, also we need easy travelling from one chain to another for multiple reasons like moving NFTs, Making payments in the real world, helping the unbanked population, etc.

What it does

The Bridge Network is on a mission to interconnect networks & communities across the defi ecosystem. The current cross-chain landscape is complex, with tooling not built for the average user. At Bridge Network, we take a user-first approach in parallel to building a highly secured and scalable infrastructure. We aim to build tools for real users and empower others to do so. We believe cross-chain functionalities should be a necessity, not a feature.

How we built it

The core of Bridge Network is controlled by on-chain smart contracts powering the protocol, oracles that broadcast data from one network to another and validators that authenticate transactions on the network. The network is uncontrolled and maintains security by ensuring validators run the same process upon receiving the various chain events. The network achieves consensus only when 70% of validators sign the same transaction with their key.

Challenges we ran into

We still miss mentorships from the blockchain we want to connect with, but we are very positive about NEAR.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have already launched some projects:

  1. Token bridge- You can bridge your token to other chains.
  2. Rockefeller- The Rockefeller tool is an easy-to-use tool for token issuers to quickly list their token on the Bridge network to enable cross-chain functionality. Follow the guide below to learn how you can use this function to go multichain.

What we learned

We learned the importance of decentralization and interoperability.

What's next for Bridge Network

NFT bridge, BridgePay, and Bridge Shocket are coming soon, but you can learn more about them here Link

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