Inspiration - The idea for this project came about in mid-march of 2021 when we all had the same problem: How do we get our assets across all these different networks to participate in activities such as token sales, yield farming, etc. After some thorough research, we came up with the locking, minting and burning mechanism. While bridges exists that uses some form of this mechanism, none of them are blockchain agnostic. This is where we came in. We saw an opportunity to enable interoperability in a user-friendly fashion that does not take away from the crypto experience. A team quickly assembled and the first version of bridge was built.

What it does - Bridge Network allows users to transfer assets across multiple blockchains in a user-friendly manner. The bridge creates a wrapped version of an asset on the desired chain where the token can only be minted by the bridge contract when the native asset is locked on the main chain. Fees are implemented on each bridge movement which can be modified. See white paper for more details.

How we built it - We envisioned the problem we wanted to solve and moved into extensive research after which we structured how everything would play out and then began the coding, branding and collaborations.

Challenges we ran into - Our major challenge was our limited human and capital resources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Building something out of nothing is no easy task especially when you have limited resources. We are proud that we were able to build the first version of the MVP with little resources, a small sized team and a limited time frame. This means we would do even more with endless possibilities as we advance and have access to both human and capital resources.

What we learned - Building bridge has taught us that it is not enough to be a part of the crypto community. It is paramount to have a contributing mindset to the tech and the ecosystem. Most importantly, the unlimited nature of our minds. If you can think and dream it, you can build it.

What's next for Bridge Network - As outlined in our Roadmap, the next step for Bridge network is the clean up the user flow and ship the beta product to market. After which, we will continue to scale and support an array of networks while building out our community and contributors. The goal is to connect every single blockchain via Bridge Network.

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