90% of start-ups fail to meet consumer expectations despite spending significant expenses on the pre-launch stage of research and building and post-launch marketing campaigns. This is due to a lack of market insight and an understanding of consumer behavior. We bridge this gap by allowing CEOs to test their products on local communities as customers of their desired demographics at the early stages of their start-up development.

What it does

This website allows people to log in as start-ups of different categories listed by our website. We will be inserting new categories as our development phase lengthens. Community members are also required to provide their desired demographics in order to be matched with the right start-ups'

How I built it

We used HTML5UP we built this website

Challenges I ran into

Not knowing how to code

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The final design of the website

What I learned

Learned the basics of the HTML language

What's next for Bridge-Me

Work on transparency in transaction within the app. Adopt APIs of automatic matching modeled after that of Tinder.

Built With

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