I was inspired by a web project by someone on Github who collected all of his favorite websites in one website.

What it does

This is my idea related to increasing productivity and work efficiency while surfing the internet. I created this website with the aim that everyone on the internet can manage neatly the sites that he thinks are important and should not be forgotten. Users can organize all sites with several categories.

How we built it

With the limitations of my current knowledge, I overcome this by using the site. With bootsnip, I can be more easily understood in doing layout settings. Then, I edited some parts of the HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Due to my lack of experience and the team I have, it may take a long time in web or application development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I feel that I still don't have enough achievements to be proud of. I still have a lot to learn especially in product development and programming.

What we learned

By joining this hackathon from Garuda Hacking, I became more open with several things. One example is the importance of teams in the development of a product. I realized that it would be very burdensome to not have a team in product development. I realize the importance of increasing relationships and communication skills, especially with new people.

What's next for Bridge

In the future, bridge can further develop into the world of mobile applications. Its features may also be added, such as, integrated with a google account.

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