Inspiration :

The striking gap between Non-profits, community and potential corporate sponsors.

What it does :

Application that allows Non-profits in various sectors, volunteer/user community and corporate sponsors actively engage with each other. Non-profits push event notifications to community. Volunteers can raise relevant issues as suggestions to various Non-profits belonging to a specific cause. Recommendation engine to show custom recommendations of Non-profits and events based on interests in social causes and proximity are created. Corporate sponsors can easily identify credible Non-profits to support and collaborate with.

How we built it :

Backend : Neo4j Graph database analytics and visualization; Cypher query language ; Python;

Frontend : Android studio + Realtime database hosted on Firebase ; Google maps API on the mobile App

Challenges we ran into :

Limited prior experience in front end development; Lack of relevant datasets to work with;

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

Great technical learning in a very short time.

What we learned :

Neo4j, Graph analytics, Graph database, Relational database, Android app development, Google maps api, teamwork and time management

What's next for Bridge :

Would like to create more features that are interactive and can scale up to various countries in the world and address grass-root level community challenges.

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