Inspiration: Our Bridge to Our Futures!

As college students who are actively applying for highly competitive internships and jobs, we often find ourselves feeling the pains of trying to be contributing members of the workforce. Resumes are arguably the most effective way to convey our qualifications and experiences. In preparation to apply we do extensive research and build our skills so we are best equipped to pursue the roles we want within our industries. Our background and preparation gives us the knowledge to identify what qualities and skills make an effective employee within our career paths. So why apply our collective knowledge to help obtain jobs, further job applications, and help recruiters? And thus, Bridge was born.

What our Bridge connects!

Bridge is a web application that serves as more than just a job application site. Bridge allows users to evaluate the resumes of their peers to help identify qualified individuals. Successfully identifying qualified individuals, based on their ability to advance their job application through their resume, allows evaluators to build their scores. By building one's own score, the evaluator is able to build their credibility in displaying their understanding of the industry. For recruiters on the other hand, recruiters who use Bridge are connected with qualified candidates as the top candidates will be peer reviewed and approval based on their peers. Therefore, each application is able to have multiple review their candidacy before it reaches a recruiter. From there, the recruiters is able to see qualified candidates as opposed to having to read each application or send it through electronic processing that only identifies buzz words.

Bridge Construction!

The project was built out using Java Script XML to be used with React as a Web application. The backend database was connected with Google FireStore and linked with Firebase. We first began by using Sketch to create a mock up after an in depth discussion on the concept for Bridge. After all the Mock Ups were complete the team split into two groups to cover frontend and backend development. The frontend team built out the user interface. The backend team built out the connectivity and database management. Throughout the development, the teams worked together to bring frontend and backend together to effectively sew both ends together.

Gaps/Challenges we Bridged!

As always, when building our software we ran into new bugs and errors that we were forced to resolve. Additionally, a challenge was having to learn and develop in depth products when it was our first time using this specific tool set. At the end we were crunched for time and are hoping to make it all under the bar. A large challenge was definitely having to learn new things on the spot because we would have errors that would take 30min-1hour of hacking to solve as we had no previous understanding of what might have been causing them as a result of the complexity. However, at the end of the day once we were able to crack the code we were able to learn ALL ins and outs.

Accomplishments that we are proud of and What we learned

As a team we were able to overcome our challenges and emerge a stronger team. We each were able to learn new skills like Firebase, Fire Store, React and Git. For Daania, this was her first hack-a-thon and first time using React and Materials UI, and learning Git. For Zack and Paul, both were able to learn to use Firebase products for the first time. For J.P., this was his opportunity to learn React Hooks and Materials UI. As a team we were also able to teach each other new skills. Our team was also able to remain a high level of synergy and cohesive functionality. Our team was able to maintain our pace, communication and agility.

Where our next Bridge leads!

As Bridge is an extensive job application platform there is SO much more we hope to implement in further iterations. There are tools that we hope to refine and enhance in future iterations. Bridge has the potential for immense growth in the future as the application is in a position to be highly valuable to many people. We hope to keep better the code to the point that we might have a MVP not just a prototype that we could look into acquisition from a company like LinkedIn or Indeed.

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