Cost optimization in respect to time is what I look for when spending my money. Food is one necessary and ever occurring expense. The convenience of a restaurant is often not worth the premium, the time it takes to sift through the grocery aisle to then cook all the food is lost opportunity cost. I have done much research on how to bring these costs down. Then is when I discovered Wegman's and slow cooking. I spend $50 a week on food, I can buy a family pack of meat with some sides, throw it in my crock pot and it will last me the whole week. I wanted to optimize my strategy further with online grocery shopping but the delivery costs will be sure to add up overtime. This is when I thought it'd be it best to take the meal prep subscription model further and allow for pickup at a grocery store to drive down costs.

What it does

Brick pack is a service that bundles recipes for people who are looking for healthy and fresh meals throughout the week without the hassle of shopping around for all the ingredients themselves. Brick pack uses Wegmans as the local method of delivery to cut down on the cost that may be present with other meal prepping services. Directly sourcing from a store allows us to completely get rid of the shipping fees that

How we built it

We wanted to use Javascript in every aspect of the stack for ubiquity, in order to aid each other at every step of the way.

Challenges we ran into

Wegmans API for recipes was down, so we built our own database. Atlas didn't allow us to access data directly, so we built a stitch application to run access. MongoDB projection wouldn't work through stitch, so we handled it on the client side. Atlas wouldn't allow mongo shell connections, so we built more client side workarounds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Analyzing and calculating valuable data provided by a rich API.

What we learned

Asynchronous development with cloud services as the backbone.

What's next for BrickPack

More API Integration - Clearance based on velocity Social features - Share your pantry with friends, see who you can borrow some salt from

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