There are many issues affecting universities and their students. We wanted to build a platform that lets students share their issues so that both the university and student body can find solutions for them. Most times, the university doesn't quite understand which issues the students care about most. BrickIt lets everyone know which issues are most prevalent.

"Raise Awareness, brick-by-brick."

What it does

When you post an issue, it becomes a stack of bricks. Instead of "upvotes", we built a button that adds bricks onto a stack whenever you agree with an issue. Both the university and students have a login, but only the university can "cement" an issue - meaning that the school has taken initiative on the issue and wants to solve it. When posting an issue, students can type in a brief description and choose a category (Transportation, Social, etc.) that is most relevant to the issue.

How we built it

We used JavaScript, Node.JS, Jade, Parse, JQuery, and Bootstrap to build the platform.

Challenges we ran into

The brick stacking was more difficult than we wanted it to be.

What's next for BrickIt - ....

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