Explosive Firerrhea

We wanted to blow up each other but just bombs that explode weren't exciting enough. Now, the bombs hit other bombs to aggressively and strategically make bombs fly at your friends in a whole new definition of the "bullet hell" theme, termed "bomb hell", or "shit storm", because all the bombs are poop.

This was built with Node.js on the backend and a game engine made from scratch! It was deployed on Amazon Elastic Compute Service (AWS EC2) with a free domain from Domain.com. We used Socket.io for real-time interaction between frontend and backend without page refreshes. We tried to make this game's multiplayer real-time experience as seamless as possible. Despite this being a hack, we put a significant amount of effort into the architecture of the backend models so that the project is future-proof and we can continue our work on Explosive Firerrhea!

NOTE: Multiple people can go to the URL linked below and shoot each other with stools till death! Have fun!

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