Inspiration / What it does

As students we find that we are constantly making the same meals over and over again. Meals like spaghetti or KD are students staples due to their complexity and cost. When we looked through the Wegmen's recipes we found that they offer so many great and easy recipes that aren't spaghetti and KD.

Wegmen's currently has an app that you can search up recipes and the ingredients. The ingredients then have the price attached. While this is helpful, as students when looking at recipes the first thought to us is "how much will it cost?". By displaying the cost to make the recipe with the recipe using real time price information from Wegmen's students are able to try new recipes based on their budgets.

Good bye to spaghetti and KD, hello to recipes that fit in a students budget.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

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What's next for BrickHack

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