It is a classic Brick Breaker with three different levels of difficulty, where the user controls a bumper with the a & d keys. They try and move the bumper with the a & d keys in order to hit a ball into bricks at the top of the screen. If the user fails to hit the ball with the paddle before the ball hits the ground, they lose one of their three lives. As difficulty increases, so does the speed of the ball and the amount of hp each brick has (3, 5, 7). If a brick gets hit, it will change color according to how many hits it has left. When the player has no lives left, they lose, and if they break all of the 12 bricks, they win. The user has three lives, and the goal is to get the highest possible score (brick hits * lives left). The space button is used to pause and the z button is used to resume, and the game will automatically pause when you lose a life, so you will need to hit z again to resume. If the ball starts bouncing side to side repeatedly and has no y movement, hit s to give it y movement.

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