Nearly one in ten americans are living in abnormaly dry areas, this quantity reaches up to 1 in 3 americans near november. Brick Outside helps people in areas vulnerable to drought to better take care of their plants by integrating an array of sensors and features.

What it does

It measures soil moisture, temperature and atmospherical condition and sends the data to our integrated cloud platform for user monitoring

How we built it

The device was built by combining several sensors into an arduino board. A series of servers were put on place to recieve and process the data sent by the device. Finally, a react web client was created for user interaction

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating a propietary cloud platform for the project. Additionally, the web application looks very nice

What we learned

We learned about distrbuted systems and their applications, moreover, we learned about the interaction of serial monitors and the internet. Finally, we learned more about I/O streams.

What's next for Brick Outside

Developing convulsional neural networks and AI models for integration with VR to create an inmersive experience

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