At one of our previous Devpost internal hackathons, Brian created the ultimate office hack. Our kitchen was too small to fit our growing team during lunch time. Sandwich making was chaos. So Brian built a sandwich cart:

sandwich cart

And today, on yet another internal hackathon, we decided to appropriately commemorate his contribution:


What it does

Memorializes our (now remote) co-worker Brian for creating one of the best hack day projects of all time. He may work far from us in miles, but he is always close to our hearts (and sandwiches).

How we built it

With love, Photoshop, a printer, and some scissor/tape skillz.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Attaching it to the cart went pretty smoothly.

What we learned

Hack day projects don't have to involve code!

What's next for Brian Koles Memorial Sandwich Cart

The sandwich cart will continue to be an integral part of lunch time activities, and live on forever in our hearts.

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