Wouldn't this whole Brexit faff be easier if you just picked your side, caught MPs and battled debated them against people of the other side. We wanted to create a typical .io style game and we identified this as a gap in the market.

What it does

Are you a brexiteer or a remainer? Pick your side and then start exploring the map (Parliament) and catching your Pokemon MPs. You can then challenge other players to duels.

How we built it

The front end uses the phaser.js library to create the 2D tiled map. We harnessed the power of Photoshop and Excel to design and create our map. The game logic and back end was done in Python (servers) and the front end details sorted in Javascript. There are two main parts to the game: walking around the map to find MPs and challenge people to duels, then the debates themselves which take place in a separate window.

Challenges we ran into

Turns out creating a real-time multiplayer game is quite challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think it looks pretty nice and we're still pretty buzzed about the idea itself.

What we learned

It was probably a little too ambitious for 3 people

What's next for Breximon

VR, AR, AI, 3D, IoT

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