There is no way to find AB InBev only products for pickup or delivery

What it does

Provides a backend interface that uses a custom built data set of AB InBev products and assets to tease out all of AB InBev's products from

How I built it

With node.js, express.js, jade, stylus and AWS

Challenges I ran into

The API isn't properly documented and there support forum tells you to look at their production web code at to figure out how to use the API. We spent 80% of the time fighting the bad documentation and examples that don't work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built a clean backend set of services that is used by the material design based web frontend. The backend is designed to serve android and ios apps. We were unable to complete the apps due to wasted time with's api

What I learned needs proper documentation

What's next for BrewHacks POC for AB InBev

We will be completing the web frontend full shooping bag workflows once makes the elevated flows available

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