418 Brew It

What it does: A google cardboard VR shooter that is hosted on the web. Only the bravest and most cunning heros will be rewarded with perfectly brewed tea. Step into your moms kitchen if you are ready to take on the challenge.

How we made it: Using a framework called A-Frame we were able to create a full VR experience using your friendly neighbourhood web browser. Fight your way through evil sandwiches to brew yourself a nice cup of tea. We were in luck that we had a vocal sound effect specialist create disruptive sound effects (#Nel)

Challenges we faced: Secured wifi access made us use alternative methods to communicate with arduino. Also the standard learning a new framework in one night issue as well. This relatively new framework lacked documentation making troubleshooting disgusting. @Sushi came in clutch. Animation and handing coordinates are a very tough challenge in the VR framework. Without the help of Unity we were still able to construct a immersive and rewarding experience.

Achievement: We are very proud of having a working demo. Its really a big success. Having the sugar cubes shoot out is pretty satisfying as well.

Whats next for brewbrew: OH... just world domination. Now we are only helping train our citizens to protect themselves from evil sandwiches in your moms kitchen. We hope to expand to other monsters such as the trash dove.

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