What it does

Brew Haha is a web app built for the busy bar-hopper. A basic and easy to use interface surfaces bars near you with specific filters like what drinks they have, atmosphere, or how expensive the bar is. Bars can be expanded and show detailed information about the drink menus, daily specials, and user reviews. Users can sign up for an account where they can view, rate, and contribute to a bar's drink menu as well.

How we built it

We started off coming up with an idea and then dividing up the work. Sam and Alex started working on the backend, hooking up mongoDB, and discussing data structures while Maddie explored the user experience and created a user journey, started wire framing, and researched what competitors were doing. Alex mainly worked with NodeJS on the controllers and pug templates, which would eventually hold the stored data. Sam created the models. During the night, Maddie created custom logos for the different beverage buttons and a fun logo using Sketch. As light broke through the clouds in the quiet town of Lexington, the backend started to come together enough to start on the front end. Maddie and Sam used JavaScript, pug, and CSS to style and format the incoming data. Although time was against us, our backend ended up looking pretty good while our vision for the front end could be shown in a couple mock ups.

Challenges we ran into

  • Mongo is not good for the style of data we wanted to work with (relational)
  • Pug was a brand new platform that none of us knew very well

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Custom logo and icons developed in Sketch
  • Learned NodeJS and pug in 24 hours

Lesons Learned

  • Mock early an often!
    • Not every team member does back end and not everyone does frontend. When you working on the back end you need to mock your API.
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