We drew inspiration from the free speech theme proposed from the Twitter rep. We wanted to make something that would challenge us, but also something we would be able to fully complete in the 36 hour period.

What it does

BreezyTalk allows you to chat with random people all over the world regardless of what language they speak. Using the yandex translator.api we can allow all different types of people to communicate automatically without even thinking about it.

How we built it

We built it using mostly HTML and Javascript. We started with our foundation of pages and broke it up into sections that each member of our team could handle. We used GitHub to collaborate and keep our files synchronized.

Challenges we ran into

Whenever we decided to update the GUI interface of the site, it posed challenges for us on the back end of things. We were all learning GitHub, a couple of us for the first time so that was also difficult for us to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a site that has legitimate functionality and we really were excited about what we were making. It's awesome to come away with a complete product like this after only knowing each other for two days.

What we learned

For all of us it was our first times with some part of the project or another. We learned as a group to rely on each other's strengths and to teach each other about areas where we were weaker. It was a great learning opportunity and we took it and ran.

What's next for BreezyTalk

BreezyTalk will soon replace email, text messages, and all other forms of communication. I mean c'mon, it's awesome.

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