We wanted to create a project that had some meaning and purpose with the intent of helping the widest possible audience travel as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible. When we heard the Lyft Presenter Michael Bishoff speak, we were compelled to utilize Lyft data and connecting platforms to benefit Lyft drivers, and potentially drivers in general. We also saw the opportunity to integrate big data with Lyft API information to improve driver safety and traffic flow!

What it does

The BreezyRide web application provides users with visual information, SMS alerts to help inform drivers of accident occurrence, traffic, or other potential hazards and delays. By providing drivers with this information, drivers will be able to more safely and efficiently deliver passengers to their desired locations.

How we built it

Many tools were applied to reach our great product! For the overall design and layout of the website we used Bootstrap along with the aforementioned programming resources mentioned above.

We connected three big data sets: National Highway Safety Administration data provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Census Data from 2014, and Lyft API data. We performed machine learning algorithms to calculate accident risk scores by zip code in Maryland. We also visualized this data in an interactive way for drivers to use on the fly.

We connected a number of APIs together including Google Maps, Twilio, and Lyft.

We thank for providing us with a great domain name.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to connect with the Lyft API and identifying our target audience which we can best benefit with the data. Special thanks to Michael Bishoff for assisting with the Lyft API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating big data, machine learning, and multiple APIs to accomplish a product useful for drivers. We are really excited to see how drivers can benefit from this!

What we learned

Team communication and compromise are vital to success, technical language, and great memories!

What's next for the BreezyRide Web Application

Real-time updates to drivers in a safe manner via their cell phones.

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