I always get frustrated having to fill out Sign-Up forms over and over again, so I decided to do something about it!

What it does

What it does is gets user input through html/javascript and saves it in google's storage for Chrome Extensions. Breeze gets that data and based on what media app you choose it is programmed for that specific website to fill in your information.

Challenges I ran into

It was challenging getting it to work on all the different websites, for you have to see how they made their code, and work around it. Also saving everything in Chrome Storage was also tricky. This was my first Chrome Extension, so I am pretty proud of it!

What we learned

That Google in a way is a language of its own! To make a Chrome Extension, there are soooo many requirements needed to get the basic of basic stuff working. I was hoping that the functionality of this project would be a (pun intended) breeze! That way, I could focus even more on the CSS side of things and add even more websites, (more coming soon!).

What's next for Breeze!

Adding a ton more websites and also an organization taskbar to show all the accounts you made through breeze, adding a more user-friendly frontend and make the CSS beautiful. Then after that is all done, get it on the market on Google's Chrome Extensions!

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