Hello. Didn't see you there. You know, we all love hackathons, conferences, and meeting new people. But many times we forget who we've met, misplace business cards, or breeze (heh) by people in a hurry. In fact, I might have passed by an amazing opportunity on my way here without even knowing it.

That’s one of the main motivators for Breeze. Breeze uses location based smart tracking services to present a feed of people around you. The feed will display the persons name, picture, job title, and company. If you want to learn more, you can directly check out their Linkedin profile. If you want to connect, simply tap the checkmark. If it's a business match, you can start a chat within the app (thanks to the Sinch API). There's also an option to send a gift card for coffee if bribery isn't below you (thanks to the PayPal API).

Who will this be for?:

The target user will be professionals who want to expand their network in a casual way. Another use case would be for recruiters and job seekers to connect with people at job fairs, career fairs, and corporate mixers. It’s hard to connect with people by just turning in a resume, but it's not hard to Breeze by someone and make an impression.

Users may want to holla at a cute business executive they saw on Market St. but weren't able to talk to.

What we’re proud of:

We’re extremely happy about how far we've gotten in such a short amount of time. We've integrated quite a few APIs (LinkedIn, PayPal_Braintree, and Sinch), used DigitalOcean's server backend APIs, implemented a lot of our ideas without compromise, and lost a ton of sleep. All built from scratch in less than 24 hours. Boom.

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