The inspiration for our project came to us when we saw FuturFund's affiliation with HackWestern. Having great interest in financial literacy, our group decided to tackle this idea head on. Our team is passionate about female empowerment and creating opportunities for those that seek it. Thus we created a web app design that allows women to learn at their own discretion and pace creates an environment that pushes for growth.

What it does

Track your income, allocate your funds, manage your account with ease and check your credit score growth as you progress. All of these functionalities will be paired with hints and tips that enhance the user experience, educating our clients to lead them to success.

The budget calculator is one of the core functionalities that we offer to our consumers. It calculates the net value of your income and expenses, giving you a detailed account of when and for what purpose the transactions were made. While we recommend certain percentages of their income be allocated for savings, necessities and discretionary items, the consumers are allowed to customize these values to better suit their financial conditions. But unlike other calculators, it detects when you've spent a little too much in any one of the subcategories of expenses. We then recommend appropriate tips on how to manage the spending in that particular category.

How we built it

We utilized firebase to host a realtime database, including user authentication. This was paired with HTML, JS, CSS and node.js to solidify our site, including the financial calculations required to build and implement the budgeting calculator.

Challenges we ran into

The hardships we faced were mostly the stringent time constraint. This was and still is a hard time frame to get used to when building any app or program from scratch, and is something that our team must consistently work harder at circumventing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Throughout this project, we learned the hardships of compiling, designing and bringing our ideas to life in the short time span. The creativity that stemmed from our passion touched every corner of our web app, and this reflected from our team's ability to learn and work together cohesively. We polished our skillset by utilizing HTML, JS, CSS, node.js and firebase to create a well-crafted, responsive website.

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