**Submitted to Cisco Devnet Hackathon-Las Vegas (Cisco API integration)

We love to live comfortably, but sometimes our comfort comes at a cost: namely, detriment to the environment as well as our personal finances. In hot summer and cold winter months, the majority of our energy expenditures and utility costs are often due to indoor heating and cooling. Breeze allows consumers to monitor their usage, set goal limits on expenditures, and curb wasteful use.

Utilizes noise and temperature sensory equipment installed on an air unit to track usage. This sensory data is sent to the Relayr cloud. Using REST calls, we track this data at 1-minute intervals to determine when indoor cooling or heating is used and for how long. This data is then visually represented on a splash screen created on webgl, hosted by a node server. -This allows for convenient and portable usage through any modern browser. When usage hits the user-set goal limit or approaches it, notification warnings are pushed directly through the user's phone through Tropo. This notification also contains a link to the tracking splash page. -This does not require the user to install or download any software or applications--completely pain-free.

"But doesn't this technology already exist?" you may ask. Smart thermometers like NEST already feature similar functionalities; however, Breeze is different in that it does not require installation of a smart thermometer. Instead, it allows the sensory equipment to simply augment the existing thermometer.

Additionally, while smart thermometers may cost $250-$400, Breeze can be installed for less then $10 per unit,

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