I wanted to build an app which provided a recommendation based on weather, but instead of having all control over the recommendation, I decided to make it a dynamic, giving control of the recommendation to the visitor. You can find music recommendation based on artist, genre, track or country.

What it does

Lets you discover music based on artist, genre, track and country

How I built it

  • I used React on the front end and used Stepzen to convert Spotify's REST API into GraphQL endpoint.

Challenges I ran into

  • Before this project, I actually never had worked with GraphQL, Stepzen made it easier to understand and use GraphQL in this project.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

  • Dynamic recommendation
  • Using GraphQL

What I learned

  • GraphQL
  • Using Stepzen to stitch multiple queries.(directives like @rest and @sequence helped)

What's next for Discover music

  • Adding more variable to discover music like tempo, acoustics, danceability etc.
  • Adding your favorite music to playlist
  • Recommendation presets based on mood, weather

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