• The COVID-19 pandemic has bolstered an epidemic of anxiety among students
  • Frequent panic attacks are a symptom of anxiety
  • In the moment, panic attacks are frightening and crippling
  • In a time of isolation, Breeve is designed to improve users' mental health by identifying and helping them when they are experiencing panic attacks

What it does

  • Heart rate monitor detects significant increase in heart rate (indicative of a panic attack)
  • Arduino sends signal to Initiate "breathing routine"
  • Google chrome extension (after getting a message from the Arduino) opens up a new tab with our webpage on it
  • Our webpage has a serene background, comforting words, and a moving cloud to help people focus on breathing and relaxing

How we built it

  • The chrome extension and website are built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • The heart rate monitor is comprised of an Arduino UNO microcontroller, heart rate sensor (we substituted a potentiometer since we don't own a heart rate sensor) and a breadboard circuit

Challenges we ran into

  • As this is our first hardware hack, we struggled with connecting the hardware and software. We were unable to use the "Keyboard()" Arduino library to let the Arduino initialize the chrome extension, and we struggled with using other technologies like FireBase to connect Arduino sensor input to the chrome extension's output. This is something we plan to learn about for future improvements to Breeve and future hackathons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • This is our first hardware hack!

What we learned

  • Kirsten learned a lot about Arduino and breadboarding (e.g., how to hook up potentiometer)
  • Lavan learned about CSS animations and how a database could be used in the future to connect various input and output sources

What's next for Breeve

  • More personalized → add prompt to phone a friend, take anxiety medication (if applicable)
  • Better sensory data (e.g. webcam, temperature sensor) to make a more informed diagnosis
  • Improved webpage (adding calming music in the background to create a safe, happy atmosphere)
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