Our inspiration behind the app was our own lives and the lives of people around us. We see the heavy psychological burden that many high school students, adults, and even children carry on their back, with depression, stress, and even frustration with the amount of work they may be getting. In addition, when these issues start to pile up, while the world may not actually be ending, it definitely feels as if it is because there is an extent to which any person can deal with these issues. There is no reliable way to cope with these issues without running the risk of social stigma or insanely high prices and this is where our solution comes in.

What it does

Breathe has specialized therapy and binaural beats for your needs and whenever you feel down, it is always accessible with an ever growing base of resources that you can turn to. Whether it be just wanting to listen to some relaxing music, finding a recreational activity to do, or a fun new comic strip to crack up at, Breathe has got you covered at every angle. Not only do we do so, but we encourage users to use our app in such a way that they will both cope with their current issues but also prevent these same issues from happening in the future. Providing detailed plans, explanations, and coping techniques are of the essence and Breathe is our solution.

How I built it

Our team built the cross platform mobile application on the framework React Native. We primarily used Javascript for both the front and backend as well as used numerous dependencies to support our many features. For example, the audio that is played from our application used the ‘expo-av’ package, we used ‘motion’ for our timers, ‘react-native-gesture-handler; for our animations, etc. In addition to the general components of the react native framework our team used other resources for things like authentication, trail directions, testing sites etc. We used firebase for our username and password as well as google authentication. We also used a postman API called COVID-19 testing sites to track local testing sites with links to directions and the points of contact.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into were definitely on the fronts of Interface and some backend. To go into each, the user interface was particularly challenging not because we weren’t sure of how to code the frontend but when we were creating this cross platform mobile application, we wanted to give them as many alternatives or exercises as possible, but in doing so, we also had to be very careful to not fluster the user. The second challenge we had was with the audios. There were oftentimes inconsistencies with audio amongst multiple devices, and as this was our first time using audio packages in react native, we did avid research and were able to find a solution in the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Some of the accomplishments we are proud of include us overcoming some of the challenges we faced. Despite having limited time, we were able to pull together a suitable function cross platform application with a frontend and backend. One thing unique specifically about this project is that in addition to the coding aspect, we had to also do quite a bit of research on different therapies and accumulate some of the resources manually to be put at the users disposal. Being able to incorporate all three of these things successfully was a great accomplishment in and of itself.

What I learned

We have learnt more about react native, more about the different dependencies that we can use to support newer projects and features, we gained a further grasp and experience on firebase and overall were able to affirm our grasp on the principles of mobile application development.

What's next for Breathe

In an ideal scenario, we want to be able to further test the therapy and see how effective it is as well as get some more professional opinion on the therapies. From there, we would be able to provide more alternatives in case a certain one doesn’t work for someone, but at the moment we have provided general strategies that have proven effective to a majority population. In addition, we would like to develop a website going forward for the same purpose and in doing so creating more outlets for people to use the service.

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