Mental health issues are no joke. With that said, we want to do our part in aiding those lovely souls who suffer from panic and anxiety attacks.

What it does

This is a straightforward guided breathing app designed to calm and center you during a panic attack by guiding the user to inhale and exhale for 5 seconds each. The minimal and simple design of the app that utilizes a calming color palette not only contributes to the aethetics, but also to the functionality of the app. To use, the user only has to press the play button to start.

How we built it

We used a blue and yellow color palette as it has a calming effect. We also used a design of concentric circles to simulate a visual experience of breathing. It also allows the user to anchor themselves if visual cues are present. And, it also serves as a visual guide.

What we learned

It's better to keep things minimal at first to ensure that everything's working smoothly.

What's next for Breathe

Customizable configurations such as the time, color palette. Also logs.

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