There have been several challenges associated with ventilators ranging from shortages to damaged equipment. At a time when ventilators are needed the most, a lot of places in the world struggle to meet the needs of the growing number of Covid-19 patients. As a result, this leads to the potential prioritisation of certain patients over others; an example of this is some patients having access to ventilators because they are "more likely to survive". This raises a very important question; if the shortage didn't exist, would such choices have to be made? We believe that science and technology have advanced to a stage where solutions to problems such as these are possible and practical; allowing us to save more lives now more than ever before. This serves as the inspiration behind my mission to design and deploy ventilators be printed globally.

What it does

It helps Covid-19 patients in critical condition breathe as their bodies fight to recover from the illness.

How I built it

Designed using Freecad, Solidworks and Ansys

What's next for Breathe

Iteration and continuous improvement.

Built With

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