Often people say Breathe and Relax but does anyone understands the problems that can be caused due to breathing the impure air. Air pollution is contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Household combustion devices, motor vehicles, industrial facilities and forest fires are common sources of air pollution. Pollutants of major public health concern include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Outdoor and indoor air pollution cause respiratory and other diseases and is an important source of morbidity and mortality.

Breathing in the same stale air everyday:☁️💨

  • Weakens the immune system
  • Depresses the mood
  • Increases risk of infection and allergies
  • Reduces elimination of toxins
  • Increases headaches
  • Increases joint pain
  • Reduces overall health

    Role of Technology📝🎇🚩🕹💻

    We all dread the heat and often find ways to manage ourselves in the scorching sun. We install heavy machines that consume too much power to breathe purified air. We then dread the bills we need to pay to manage the pollution in India. This year we can consider the newest invention - a portable ventilator and air purifier with an oxygen concentrator. To help people tackle this concern, portable mini ventilator-cum-air purifiers have been developed by the industry.

    How can Pure Air help us?❤️🩺🫁🌪️

  • Pure fresh air
  • Calms the nerves
  • Relaxes the body
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Improves digestion
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves mood
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Reduces stress
    Try out this website to help people get aware about the causes and cures of Air Pollution.

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