Very less people are talking about BreastCancer, So we want everyone to speak about it. We chose social media to do it and created an AR filter for Facebook and Instagram

What it does

This filter is Interactive game where user will be displayed questions and user have to answer by facial gestures. 3 Random questions will be given out of 12 and all 12 are mostly asked Myths/Facts people have about Breast Cancer

How we built it

We built it using Spark AR Studio by Facebook and published to Facebook and Instagram. Filter/Game is live and accessible by searching BreastCancerAwarenes in Instagram

Challenges we ran into

Augmented Reality is new to everyone in team and team self learned in the short period and completed this filter

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Self learning in very less time, Good interactive social media filter

What we learned

Augmented Reality, Social Media campaigning, Instagram and Facebook filters

What's next for BreastCancerCampaign

This Filter is posted in general account, Next is creating a separate Facebook/Instagram page with all information about Breast cancer and users posts/Discussions and publishing this filter from that pages will help user to find all info in same page

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posted an update

Pink Awareness is a great AR filter for Social Media which based on Augmented Reality. It will help users to increase awareness about breast cancer in fun way. It's based on quiz game with myth and facts about Breast Cancer. Let's break the ice about myth and misperception on Breast Cancer.

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