Our app uses ObjectRocket's MongoDB data store and HTTPS API to manage application data. User data, such as quiz profile information, are stored as individual documents within MongoDB deployed on ObjectRocket. The Android app used Java to interface with the ObjectRocket HTTPS API for MongoDB (i.e., https://api.objectrocket.com/).

Future versions of the app will use MongoDB more extensively; e.g., by storing breast cancer related abstracts for users to access.

Our submission to the NoSQL Mobile App Challenge is the Breast Cancer Knowledge Base. This app caters to people who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The main purpose is for it to be “Your source for the latest-up-to-date treatment information”.

  1. To launch the application, click on the BC Knowledge Base icon.
  2. Enter your username and password to “Log In”.
  3. Select your age range and continue to answer the questions when prompted.
  4. These questions will collect information to develop your customized profile.
  5. Select “Continue” to go through the pages and “Finish” to complete your profile.
  6. Now you have a dashboard that includes a “View Publication” icon, which will hold your personalized articles. These articles have been chosen based on your previous selections.
  7. The other important features of the app will include: a. a Social Network, to connect you with others with a similar profile b. a Mood Tracker to monitor emotional challenges, for patients to have a tool to discuss with their physician, and c. an Exercise Tracker to enter physical activity. These additions are essential for the treatment of cancer patients.

We want the Breast Cancer Knowledge Base app to be a powerful resource of information and provide continued support though your diagnosis and treatment.

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