I always seek out areas to use tech effectively, to get the best out of it. This was a natural inclination as I read lot of research and work on social good and aim to contribute which will help all humans. Recently my close friends Mumwas diagoned too, early detection luckily has helped her. Wanted to put forward something solid before Oct- breast Cancer Awareness month and Spectra was a wonderful opportunity to get a head start towards it.

What it does

Detects Breast cancer with 96% test accuracy using ML XGBoost algorithm Web app is throwing error, working on it

How I built it

downloaded dataset, built ML model, Followed few tutorials on webapp, flask and heruko, but not fully successful to deploy

Challenges I ran into

Linking the webapp and deploying Time zone conflict , I am from India, and it's 2AM now,😐 not much time I got to work on this Networking- didn't network as much as I would've liked with this wonderful community, hoping to soon. Power and network issues- will update ipynb file tomorrow morning unable to connect to Google Colab.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning and working quickly, while balancing to attend workshop and lightly network

What I learned

Got a good idea to deploy, feel confident to dig deeper in this area. Good sleep is important

What I missed doing

due to time zone conflict amd network issues i dont have strength to do video now, so submitting ppt instead, please go through, would highly appreciate your comments to improve

What's next for Breast cancer detection

Succesfull Web app deployment and DL training using images and CNN to increase accuracy, dataset size and Django deployment to make ease of use better

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