An attempt to develop a model to detect cancer. We also worked on abnormality detection in brain and lungs. Till now was only able to complete this basic model.

What it does

Two level classification into cancer and non-cancer class.

How we built it

Using TensorFlow DNN classifier

Challenges we ran into

The collection of the dataset. Was able to get MRI and CT scan for brain abnormality but was only able to get a structured dataset for breast cancer, so various other image-based models wasn't tried.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Atleast for the given dataset, we were able to attain an accuracy of close to 96% by a simple model using TensorFlow.

What we learned

More learning about neural networks. This is a relatively small project that we were able to complete to be submitted on time. But we worked on MRI scan, CT scan and X-ray scan to do some extremely interesting work related to abnormality in brain including stroke and lungs.

What's next for Breast cancer detection

Iterative improvement of the model in an attempt to bring some real life practicality for its usage. With image based dataset of the cancer or tumor cells, much much more work can be done in this field.

Built With

  • tensorflow
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