Our team came up with the idea by doing some research about the current health condition of employees in financial sector. It turned out that due to not sufficient sports activity and intense mental work a lot of these people suffer from psychological and physical diseases.

What it does

Our app prompts a user to distract from the daily activities and do some fun movements which will normalise the blood flow in the body (after long hours of sitting).

How I built it

All visuals were built in Processing, background music was edited in Audacity and MicroBit logic was implemented in Python

Challenges I ran into

Several MicroBits didn’t work, output of MicroBit was hard to interpret

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a fully functioning game which involves interaction of hardware with software.

What I learned

To program in Processing: to build UI and game engine.

What's next for BreakTime

Involvement of legs movements, creating Android and iOS app

Built With

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