Our team was inspired to pursue this project as in most video games we have played, the characters have been a standard cookie-cutter type of character. We wanted to produce a game with types of characters which are more diverse than what we have seen in the past. We also wanted to explore the setbacks that they would experience as a result of this diversity.

How it works

Our project is a simple set of three, mostly hand drawn, mini games, each which shows a different type of stigma in society. The first one deals with issues faced by amputees and others with physical disabilities in daily life. The character is hurrying to work yet he is having a hard time getting there because his office building does not have elevators or other aids.

The second mini-game deals with catcalling and street harassment. A cat is being barked at by several dogs and the objective is for the cat to dodge the sound waves.

The third game explores the injustice faced by immigrants in the face of American politics. In this mini game the character fights ignorance, represented by a fictional politician.

Challenges I ran into

We had some bugs relating to the implementation of gravity in the first game, leading to the amputee "levitating" throughout the game. We also had a bug in the third game regarding the antagonists defense moves, which don't inflict damage on the protagonist.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the graphics we were able to produce for the game as well as the incorporation of important facts into the game. The second level is the best, we think, as it has a challenging goal, no known bugs, and a lot of interactivity.

What I learned

We learned about combining different programming languages to produce a final product. We also learned how time consuming it is to create graphics and other elements of a game. We are a beginners team, so a lot of our learning was geared towards understanding new syntax and how to use different languages together.

What's next for Breakthrough Bubbles

We have grown to become very passionate about our project and we wish to continue it in the future!

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