As we went through the pandemic, we learned that getting stuck and being unable to progress in careers is a depressing and frustrating experience. To help people overcome the difficulty of job security, we developed a web application, BreakTheBreak, that helps you find the position that your skills deserve.

What it does

BreakTheBreak is a simple social-media-like web platform where anyone can share their skills and job experience to find a workplace/worker. Here, people can upload posts using the skill "keywords" to indicate the skills they have or looking for. Also, users who set their email address receive a notification email from us whenever there is a job opening post that relates to the skill keywords you set.

How we built it

Primally, we used React for the front-end and node.js for the back-end, and MongoDB for the database. We discussed what we expected our app to do, distributed work equally and efficiently, and tried to manage time well so that we could all finish the project within a short period of time, while still making it viable and functional.

Challenges we ran into

The amount of time we had was one of the main challenges we had because we spend a long time deciding what we wanted to do with the theme. Integrating the layouts and maintaining visual consistency consumed much time too. We overcame this by cooperating - asking for each other's solutions and opinions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we developed a working web platform in a day. We also have a special page where you can view a list of the most demanding IT technique in the industry, and we believe this is defiantly something that someone who wishes to be more competitive in the market might want to check out.

What we learned

We have improved our web development skills and problem-solving abilities through this project, and we are glad that not only our learning so far has paid off, but also enhanced.

What's next for BreakTheBreak

As a social media platform, BreakTheBreak has so much potential. The greatest potential for the app is the ability to expand to other fields of technology where many jobs are available. And we know it is possible as long as we have the right database for the skills that are frequently expected in that industry.

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