Its a pain to look up dates for school breaks. It was a pain for me, and I don't even have a lot of friends.

How it works

Django gives me wings. You type in the names of the schools, and a calendar showing their overlapping breaks is presented to you showing you when the breaks for the selected schools overlap. On the back-end there is just a huge database of all the breaks and schools.

Challenges I ran into

Javascript is still a mystery to me. Honestly, I think its just magic. I don't even know how I managed to get the get requests to work nice with Django.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The infinite length college form Navigating the National Center for Education Statistics website to get the seed data I needed for the database Finally getting around to doing this The college validation check on the home page

What I learned

Coffee has a profound effect on me A couple new libraries

What's next for BreakSync

Monetization Use mechanical turks to fill out all the break data Have someone who knows how design works to make the site look like it wasn't drawn in crayon Maybe pay people 10 cents or something for adding information on a college that isn’t listed THE PRODUCT IS MAKING IT EASY TO FIND OVERLAPS IN BREAKS. Once you have the users you can easily include other sites ads / deals / refferals Mechanical turk the colleges that need to be add Login with Facebook Login with Google Look at Facebook friends’ colleges to give people a personal experience Allow you to look up your friends form social media instead of their schools directly Log peoples’ IP so someday we could detect their school automatically

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