Breaking Live is a platform for streaming live mobile video whenever and wherever news breaks while presenting multiple video feeds from a single event side-by-side and aggregating content to encourage sharing and discovery.

The power of a $100,000 satellite broadcast truck is now available to anyone with a modern smart phone, and even the smallest incident is often filmed by a half-dozen citizen reporters. Breaking Live is designed to harness this trend and help immediately deliver this footage to an audience.

Breaking Live will include:

1) A cross-platform mobile app (iOS coming soon) that allows users to live stream video without commercial interruptions

2) Identify multiple video feeds of the same event based on location data and allow visitors to toggle between multiple perspectives of an event

3) Alerts to let users know there is news coming out of a specific area, alerts for local/popular videos, and related to any particular subject matter.

4) A website that will allow, commentary, and social media content alongside the live streaming videos

5) Using Chute, Breaking Live will post related photos and video in the right side column by using a system of hashtags.

As Breaking Live evolves, we will establish relationships with local TV stations to license both live material and archival footage for television broadcasts and online distribution.

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